Frequently Asked Questions and contacts

Who can I ask for help on travel arrangements?  First look at the  conference Travel page. If this still does not answer your question, you can email us at ISRRtravel.

What time does the conference start and end? The provisional timing for the meeting programme is now available on the Programme page

I need to apply for a visa. Can I have a letter of invitation to the conference to support my application? If you require a letter of invitation to the conference in order to apply for a visa please complete this form.

Funding Questions

Can I pay less to register because I am a student, early career scientist, or scientist from a developing countries? Whilst we strongly encourage all scientists to attend and present their work, we are not able to financially subsidise attendance at this meeting. 

How can I attend as cheaply as possible? Apply early for budget student accommodation - available with access to self-catering facilities. This could save more than half of your accommodation and food expenses. Search for cheap travel tickets (cheap train tickets become available approximately 3 months before date of travel; look for budget airlines flying into Scotland), and reserve a free coach transfer from Edinburgh airport to Dundee by following the link from our Travel page.

Where might I be able to apply for funding?(1) your own funding body (e.g. BBSRC/NERC UK Research Councils, EU, or your National funding authorities); (2) your supervisor, academic department, University or Institute; (3) an academic society may support its student members; (4) other funding, including trusts and industry.

Links to useful websites


Society for Experimental Biology;

British Ecological Society;

British Society of Soil Science;


Grains Research and Development Council;

South Australian Research and Develompment Institute;

Horticulture Australia.