The by-laws of the ISRR

Constitution of the International Society of Root Research

27 June 2012

The name of the Society shall be the International Society of Root Research (ISRR), hereinafter referred to as ‘the Society’.

The aim of the Society shall be to increase communication, co-operation and research on root, rhizosphere and related topics.

3.1 Membership is open to all individuals actively involved in plant root research and associated disciplines.

3.2 Applications for membership will normally be assessed by two members of the Executive Committee; eligible persons shall become either a student or full member of the Society.

4.1 The Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) shall conduct the business of the Society.

4.2 The Committee of the Society shall be elected at a General Meeting, normally coinciding with an International Symposium of the Society.

4.3 The Committee shall consist of the following members: the President, the Executive Secretary, the active Vice-Presidents and up to five other members of the Society. The Executive Committee may co-opt up to four other members as required

4.4 The Committee will be chaired by the President. All decisions will be by a simple majority of those present.

4.5 Executive Committee Meetings

4.5.1 Meetings of the Committee shall be held as required, with business between meetings conducted via electronic communication as appropriate. All members of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to vote at such meetings. 

4.5.2 The quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be four Executive Committee members.

4.5.3 Meetings of the Committee shall be convened by the President. At least seven days’ notice of a committee meeting shall be forwarded to the members of the Executive Committee.

5.1 Members elected to the Committee of the Society shall be members of the Society.

5.2 All members of the Society shall be eligible for election to the Committee and entitled to vote in the election of the Committee.

5.3 Terms of Office of Executive Committee Members

5.3.1 The terms of the President and Executive Secretary will normally be for a period of at least two international symposia

5.3.2 The terms of the Vice-Presidents will normally be until the cessation of full-time employment.

5.3.3 The terms of the remaining committee members will normally be from the day of their election until the day of the subsequent General Meeting.

5.3.4 All members of the committee shall be eligible for re-election at a general meeting.

6.1 A General Meeting will normally be held in association with an international symposium every three to four years.

6.2 No less than seven days’ notice of the General Meeting shall be given to members.

7.1 The resignation of any member of the committee shall be instituted by a letter of resignation to the Executive Secretary of the Society and approved by the Committee.

8.1 The finances of the Society shall be managed jointly by the President and Executive Secretary of the Society.

8.2 No member of the Committee of the Society shall receive remuneration from the Society, or use their office for personal financial gain.

9.1 Amendments to this constitution may be made at a General Meeting.

10.1 The Society may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote of its membership at a General Meeting.

10.2 On dissolution of the Society, any assets shall be passed to the International Union of Sciences, Paris.