Exclusive online conference.

More details can be found on the conference website.

Current meeting of the ISRR

ISRR 11th International Symposium

24-28 May 2021 as joint online conference with Rooting2021, organized by University of Missouri, USA and University of Nottingham, UK, respectively.


General Meeting of the Society (ISRR11 Meeting) - Online internationally

10.00 pm Thursday 27 May 2021, Melbourne, Australia AEST
and from ISRR hosts in Columbia, Missouri, USA and Nottingham, UK


Chair: Michelle Watt, President of the ISRR

  1. Minutes of the General Meeting held Thursday 12 July 2018, at the Yearim Hotel, Israel posted on the ISRR website 
  1. Report from ISRR President, Michelle Watt 
  1. Report from ISRR Communications Leader, Josefine Kant 
  1. Report from ISRR Executive Secretary, Ulrike Mathesius 
  1. Report from Chairs of ISRR11 and Rooting2021 Organising Committee, Bob Sharp and Malcolm Bennett 
  1. Election of new Executive Committee Members, Michelle Watt 
  1. Location of ISRR12, Doris Vetterlein 
  1. Any other business 

M Watt 27 May 2021


Further information are available at the conference website.