ISRR 2018

10th ISRR symposium on ‘Exposing the Hidden Half‘

The 10th ISRR meeting was held in Ma'ale HaHamisha, Israel, 8-12 July 2018

ISRR 2015

9th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots down under - Belowground solutions to global challenges‘

The 9th ISRR meeting was held in Canberra, Australia, 6-9 October, 2015

ISRR 2012

8th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots to the Future‘

The ISRR 2012 meeting was held 26-29 June 2012 Dundee, Scotland

ISRR 2012 was the eighth symposium of the International Society of Root Research marks the 30th anniversary of the Society’s founding and its first meeting in the UK.

ISRR 2009

7th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots: research and applications (RootRAP)

Vienna, Austria, 2–4 September 2009
250 participants from 34 countries

ISRR 2001

6th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots: the dynamic interface between plants and the earth’

Nagoya, Japan, 11–15 November 2001
350 participants from 34 countries

ISRR 1996

5th ISRR symposium on ‘Root demographics and their efficiencies in sustainable agriculture, grasslands, and forestry ecosystems’

Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, 14–18 July 1996
150 participants from 15 countries

ISRR 1994

4th ISRR symposium on ‘Root systems ad natural vegetation’

Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, 5–11 September 1994
100 participants from 12 countries

ISRR 1991

3rd ISRR symposium on ‘Root ecology and its practical application’

Vienna, Austria, 2–6 September 1991
350 participants from 25 countries

ISRR 1988

2nd ISRR symposium on ‘Plant roots and their environment’

Uppsala, Sweden, 21–26 August 1988
200 participants from 22 countries

ISRR 1982

1st ISRR symposium on ‘Root ecology and its practical application’

Irdning, Austria, 27–29 September 1982
175 participants from 18 countries