Publications following ISRR Symposia

11th ISRR Symposium, 2021, USA- online.
The conference agenda and talks can be visited on the conference website. Related research articles and review papers will have the opportunity to be published in special issues in Frontiers in Plant Science (Root Development), Physiologia Plantarum (abiotic/biotic stress), and Plant, Cell & Environment (Root Phenotypes for the future).

10th ISRR Symposium, 2018, Israel.
All presentations can be found in the online conference programme. Related journal papers were published following the meeting in 2019. There are special issues with research papers in Annals of Botany (vol 124, issue 9, 2019) and Plant and Soil (vol 447, issue 1-2, 2019) as well as several review papers in Journal of Experimental Botany.

9th ISRR Symposium, 2015, Canberra.
All presentations were listed in the conference programme (pdf). Related journal papers were published and will soon be in print in special issues of Annals of Botany (vol 118, 2016), Plant and Soil (vol 412, issue 1-2, 2017), and Journal of Experimental Botany (vol 67, issue 12, 2016).

8th ISRR Symposium, 2012, Dundee.
All presentations were listed in the conference programme (pdf). Related journal papers were published in a special issue of Annals of Botany (vol 112, 2013), and a focus section of Journal of Experimental Botany (vol 64 issue 5, 2013).

7th ISRR Symposium, 2009, ‘RootRAP’, Austria.
On RootRAP website (choose ‘RootRAP Symposium’, then ‘Presentations in pdf format’).

6th ISRR symposium,  2001, Japan.
A report of the symposium is available online at the JSRR website. Selected full papers are available online at Plant and Soil 200 255 (1). Two-page papers of all presentations (both oral and poster) are published in Proceedings of the 6th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research, November 11–15 2001, Nagaya, Japan. Published by the Japanese Society for Root Research. 600pp. ISBN 4-931358-07-01.

5th ISRR symposium, 1996, USA.
Selected papers edited by James E Box Jr. Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. 793pp. ISBN 0-7923-0530-0.