About the ISRR

The Society’s aim is to promote cooperation and communication between root researchers around the world. I hope that you will join us in this endeavour.


About the ISRR

Who are we?

  • The ISRR brings together scientists from all over the world with a deep interest in roots and their activities.
  • International collaboration between scientists enhances the expansion and transfer of knowledge about roots and how they behave.
  • The ISRR is committed to openness and extends a welcome to all with an interest in this subject.

The history of the ISRR

The first symposium of the ISRR, focusing on ‘Root ecology and its practical application’, took place in Austria in 1982 under the leadership of Professor Dr Lore (Eleanore) Kutschera and her scientific group. During the last four decades, seven further international ISRR symposia have brought together root scientists from many different disciplines and nationalities.

These symposia have contributed significantly to our understanding of various aspects of the root function, and how these are essential to our knowledge of the entire plant.

1st ISRR symposium on ‘Root ecology and its practical application’

Irdning, Austria, 27–29 September 1982
175 participants from 18 countries


2nd ISRR symposium on ‘Plant roots and their environment’

Uppsala, Sweden, 21–26 August 1988
200 participants from 22 countries


3rd ISRR symposium on ‘Root ecology and its practical application’

Vienna, Austria, 2–6 September 1991
350 participants from 25 countries


4th ISRR symposium on ‘Root systems ad natural vegetation’

Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, 5–11 September 1994
100 participants from 12 countries


5th ISRR symposium on ‘Root demographics and their efficiencies in sustainable agriculture, grasslands, and forestry ecosystems’

Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, 14–18 July 1996
150 participants from 15 countries


6th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots: the dynamic interface between plants and the earth’

Nagoya, Japan, 11–15 November 2001
350 participants from 34 countries


7th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots: research and applications (RootRAP)’

Vienna, Austria, 2–4 September 2009
250 participants from 34 countries


8th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots to the future’

Dundee, Scotland, 25–29 June 2012
340 participants from 38 countries


9th ISRR symposium on ‘Roots down under – belowground solutions to global challenges’

Canberra, Australia, 6-9 October 2015
303 participants from 35 countries


Michelle Watt, President ISRR

Michelle Watt (President)
Email: watt.m@unimelb.edu.au

Ulrike Mathesius (Executive Secretary)
Email: ulrike.mathesius@anu.edu.au

Josefine Kant (Newsletter & website maintenance)
Email: isrr@fz-juelich.de or j.kant@fz-juelich.de 

Benjamin Delory (Twitter feed, @RootScientists)
Email: Benjamin.Delory@leuphana.de