2018 Lecture by Prof Liam Dolan

On 23 May 2018 Prof Liam Dolan gave the fourth inaugural Dundee Medal Lecture at the James Hutten Institute. His medal-awarded lecture wss entitled "Using fossils and genes to understand the development and evolution of plant rooting systems". During the meeting also a number of junior scientists were able to present their research and interact with experienced scientiest such as Prof Dolan and the organizers of Dundee University. 
The program can be downloaded here.

2017 Lecture by Prof Michelle Watt

On 24 May 2017 Prof Michelle Watt gave the third inaugural Dundee Medal Lecture at the James Hutten Institute. Her lecture was entitled "Dynamic and functional phenotyping for future root-based gains in crop productivity". She was impressed by the invovled young researchs who presented their research during a poster session and with micro presentation. This third Medal Lecture was also featured in one of our quaterly newsletters
The program can be downloaded here.

2016 Lecture by Prof Peter Gregory

The second inaugural Dundee Medal Lecture was given by Prof Peter Gregory on 25 May 2016 and was entitled "Getting to the root of deep rooting and dwarfing: Medal Lecture in plant root research". He stated that "deep-rooting is a desirable property of many cereals, especially in regions of terminal drought. In contrast, the root system of many perennial plants are much less well understood. Recent research has demonstrated the location and interaction of genetic loci underlying root system behaviour in cereals and in apple rootstocks".
The program can be downloaded here.

2015 Lecture by Prof Jonathan Lynch

On 23 April 2015 Prof Jonathan Lynch gave the first Inaugural Dundee Medal Lecture in Root Research which was entitled "Roots of the second green revolution" and reviewed recent progress in developming crops with greater drought and nutrient deficiency tolerance through the selection of superior root phenotypes.
The Program can be downloaded here.