Newsletter of the International Society of Root Research, December 2020

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 Feature article: Joint Online meetings of ISRR11 (11th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research) and ROOTING2021 (9th International Symposium on Root Development)

 By Bob Sharp and Malcolm Bennett, on behalf of the Organizing Committees

 The organizing committees of Rooting 2021 ( and ISRR11 ( have decided to hold both meetings as virtual-only conferences next year, 24-28 May 2021. As addressed earlier, several sessions will be shared and as much live interaction as feasible is a major aim. To achieve this, the different time zones of participants will be considered as much as possible.

A full meeting launch including information on registration time lines, costs, poster and abstract guidelines, etc. is expected for January 2021.

 The Organizing Committees,


Feature publications

  • De Bauw et al. 2020: “A functional-structural model of upland rice root systems reveals the importance of laterals and growing root tips for phosphate uptake from wet and dry soils” (doi:10.1093/aob/mcaal120)
  • Jha et al. 2020: “Long non-coding RNAs: emerging players regulating plant abiotic stress response and adaptation” (doi:10.1186/s12870-020-02595-x)
  • Bodner et al. 2019: “Characterization of cover crop rooting types from integration of rhizobox imaging and root atlas information” (doi:10.3390/plants8110514)
  • Upcoming book release “Understanding and improving crop root function” edited by Prof Peter Gregory, former President of the ISRR. The publisher Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing has offered to give all ISRR members an exclusive discount on the Hardback version of the book (ISBN-13: 9781786763600). Please see the news section for discount details.

Please nominate a recent publication from your group for featuring in the following newsletter!


Other interesting meetings upcoming next year

  • 8th International Symposium on Root Structure and Function in the High Tatras mountain region of the Slovak Republic, on 12-16 Sept 2021 (conference website)

Please let us know if another interesting conference, ideally featuring a section about roots, is coming up so that we can promote the meeting on our website and in the next newsletters.


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We wish you peaceful and healthy 2021 and hope to see many of you (virtually) at ISRR11 & ROOTING2021.

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Dr. Josefine Kant (née Nestler) and Prof. Michelle Watt, ISRR President,

On behalf of the ISRR Executive and Executive Secretary Ulrike Mathesius