ISRR Lifetime Award

The ISRR Lifetime Award was awarded to Margaret McCully in Canberra, 2015.

Prizes given out by the ISRR


ISRR Lifetime Award:
for the first time this award was granted in 2015 when it was given to Margaret McCully at the ISRR9 Symposium honoring her scientific contributions throughout her career.
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ISRR Dundee Medal Lecture Series:
following the 2012 Symposium (ISRR8), a decade-long annual Series of "ISRR Dundee Medal Lectures" was established. 
2015 Inagurral lecture by Professor Jonathan Lynch (Penn State University, USA);
2016 lecture by Professor Peter Gregory (University of Reading, UK);
2017 lecture by Professor Michelle Watt (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany);
2018 lecture in planning...
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