Prizes awarded

The ISRR Lifetime Award was awarded to Margaret McCully in 2015, to Hans Lambers in 2018, and to Wendy Silk in 2021.

Prizes awarded by the ISRR

ISRR Dundee Medal Lecture Series:
following the 2012 Symposium (ISRR8), a decade-long annual Series of "ISRR Dundee Medal Lectures" was established.

2023 lecture by Professor John Hammond (University of Reading, UK) on behalf of Prof Philip White (†, James Hutton Institute, UK)

2022 lecture by Professor Malcolm Bennett (University of Nottingham, UK)

2021 lecture by Professor Jianbo Shen (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)

2020 lecture by Professor Doris Vetterlein (UFZ Helmholtz Centre in Halle, Germany)

2019 lecture by Professor Hans Lambers (University of Western Australia, Australia)

2017 lecture by Professor Michelle Watt (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)

2016 lecture by Professor Peter Gregory (University of Reading, UK)

2015 Inagurral lecture by Professor Jonathan Lynch (Penn State University, USA)

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 ISRR Lifetime Award: 

For the first time this award was granted in 2015 when it was given to Margaret McCully at the ISRR9 Symposium honoring her scientific contributions throughout her career. The next lifetime award was presented to Hans Lambers at the ISRR10 Symposium in 2018. And the latest lifetime achievement award was awarded during the online ISRR11/Rooting2021 joint conference to Wendy Silk.
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10th Conference Celebratory Awards
To celebrate the 10th meeting of the ISRR, four researchers were awarded this new price recognizing there significant contributions to the success of the ISRR.
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